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Action-packed jobs at our recycling plants are just as popular as strategic planning work in one of our offices. And it is precisely this close collaboration work between our industrial and commercial activities that makes an apprenticeship at TSR so special.
  • Your first step towards working in the steel and metal industry.
    Welcome to TSR – your recycling professionals

    • Around 80 young people are currently doing an apprenticeship at TSR. A number that we are proud of and that reflects our investment in the future. The reason is simple: we see our current apprentices as being potential TSR managers and specialists. Which is why we attach so much importance to our apprenticeships. Our goal is to prepare you as well as possible for your future tasks and responsibilities.

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  • No matter whether it is industrial or commercial:
    Everything revolves around our recycling plants

    TSR’s industrial and commercial employees work together closely. This means that the apprentices learning a commercial profession at our company also spend a lot of time at our recycling plants. Our apprenticeships, therefore, are not for people who prefer to be indoors all the time but for young people who enjoy fresh air and are happy to roll up their sleeves and join in. And we recommend that all those people looking to learn an industrial profession should have a sporting spirit – because of the teamwork and the distances that need to be covered. We’re talking kilometres here – every single day!

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  • Being an apprentice means taking on responsibility.
    You can rely on us.

    A whole number of different factors determine the quality of an apprenticeship course – the most important being what role apprentices play and how they are rated within the company. TSR believes it is essential to train and nurture its future employees itself. Which is why we promise to provide you with an apprenticeship that really does prepare you for your future tasks. Our courses offer many advantages including:

    • Support from experienced employees

      • Right from the very start, you are given support and advice from one of our trainers who is always there to lend a sympathetic ear. You can talk to this person about any aspect of your apprenticeship – from the in-house training schedule, to the expectations of your vocational college, to any personal issues you may have. What’s more, you can always turn to your regional apprenticeship coordinator for help should you need it. You'll also find a special training officer at each individual department who is there to support you and teach you about your work and the tasks you need to do.

      Getting to see our metals up close

      • All apprentices – no matter whether they are learning a commercial or an industrial profession – spend the first few months at one of our recycling plants to learn our business from scratch. There, you find out how to accept, sort, store and process scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. Moreover, you are taught all you need to know about the actual materials themselves for our day-to-day business, so that you gradually get to know about the typical work processes at TSR.

      Exchanging information

      • All our branches organize a number of ‘Welcome Days’ at the beginning of their apprenticeship courses to make the transition as easy as possible for their apprentices. During your first year, you get to attend the "Azubi-Tag" (Apprentices' Day), an annual event which enables you to get to know the apprentices from the other regions as well as to grow your network of contacts. Our apprenticeship programs also include group work as we believe it is important that you’re able to work well with your colleagues.

      Regular feedback

      • Each time you move from one department to another, you are, of course, given feedback about the stage you are at and about your performance. This gives you the opportunity to catch up if some aspects of your learning plan or some skills still need to be learned as well as for you to use your individual strengths more effectively.

      Showing initiative

      • As getting practical experience is so important, you are also given project tasks to do from time to time during your apprenticeship. This allows you to learn about organising your work, to work independently and to inject your own ideas as well as to take over responsibility.

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    • Truck driver (m/f/d)


    • Warehouse specialist (m/f/d)


    • Office management assistant (m/f/d)


    • Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade (m/f/d)


    • Management assistant in freight forwarding and logistics (m/f/d)


    • Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)


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