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Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)
  • Turning the really big wheels

    Being a machine and plant operator, you are one of the most important links in our production chain. You set up the production machines and facilities, put them into operation and carefully monitor the production processes to pick up on any potential malfunctions and then eliminate them. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the machines and facilities is also part of your day-to-day work. As the markets are changing really quickly nowadays, one of your tasks as machine and plant operator is to be able to react to these changes and developments and modify the machinery where necessary or even to think about introducing completely new production systems. Our apprenticeship course to become a machine and plant operator is the right choice for anyone who is interested in technology and looking for a job in which they will be able to further and enhance their skills.

  • The most important facts for your future

    • What the course involves

      • By the end of this two-year apprenticeship, you will have gathered a wide range of know-how of all business areas relevant to your course. This includes being able to operate heavy-duty equipment and machines, such as shredders and shears, as well as learning about the different technological processes. Another important aspect of this course is managing the material streams at our recycling plants. You will get to know about how often the machines must be inspected and maintained and work towards the future goal of being able to set up and operate the machines and production plants on your own.

      Your qualifications and skills

      • Besides having your Hauptschulabschluss, it is absolutely essential that you are able to work in a careful and conscientious manner if you wish to train to become a machine and plant operator. You should enjoy working as part of a team and be interested in technology. It is certainly an advantage if you have some knowledge of physics and industrial arts to help you understand the different complex processes.

      Your future prospects

      • Once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship, there is a very good chance that you will be taken on by this international company. What’s more, you will also be able to make the most of our extensive further training programs and gather experience of managing others, for example as foreman, or continue your education to gain your master qualifications.

    • Check out our apprenticeship vacancies

      Would you like to find out which TSR branches are still looking for apprentices? Then take a look at our vacancies page to check out the apprenticeship jobs that are available for becoming a machine and plant operator.

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  • Ilias Khouja – machine and plant operator in the 2nd year of his apprenticeship at TSR

    • How did you find out about doing an apprenticeship to become a machine and plant operator at TSR?

      I’ve always wanted to work with my hands ever since I was a small child. Which is why the idea of working as a machine and plant operator appealed to me. I came across TSR while I was looking for an apprenticeship job on the internet.

      What part of your apprenticeship do you like best?

      The shears are my personal favorite. I’m always really pleased when I’m down on the roster to work with these machines – especially when I’m allowed to operate them myself under supervision. Having said that, though, there are many other areas that are fun to work in, for example in the workshop or driving the diggers and wheel loaders. Once I was even able to watch a ship being loaded from a crane 15 meters up in the air.

      Looking back, what is the most memorable thing that you have done during your apprenticeship so far?

      I have loved working with the large machines, diggers and cranes ever since I set foot on the recycling plant. I’ve learned many different things during my apprenticeship so far. Just one example was when I was allowed to join the team that had to repair one of the shredders. It was fascinating to see what the shredder looked like from the inside and how the hammers – which weigh 168 kilos – were replaced.

      So would you say it was a good decision to do an apprenticeship at TSR?

      I definitely made the right decision when I accepted TSR’s offer to do an apprenticeship at its company as I enjoy working outside and am interested in technology and maintenance work. And, of course, the team in Duisburg is great.

  • Apply now – the quick and easy way

    You can apply for a job by using the link embedded in the job advert. Just one click and you are through to our online portal. We recommend, however, that you read about our application process beforehand to find out, for example, what documents you need to send. You’ll also find a list of the people you can contact if you have a question.

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