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Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade (m/f/d)
  • A head for figures and strong negotiating skills

    Carrying out a wide variety of administrative processes, purchasing scrap metal and selling on recycled materials are the core tasks of a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade at TSR. Your close business relationship with your customers and your in-depth knowledge of our company’s range of goods make it possible for you to obtain offers, compare terms and conditions and lead sales negotiations. You are in charge of the whole chain of processes – from the moment the incoming materials reach our business to when they leave it. You are our procurement expert and responsible for all import and export matters at our international company.

  • The most important facts for your future

    • What the course involves

      • This is a three-year apprenticeship in an expanding and successful company. During this time you will learn the fundamentals of this profession and be given the opportunity to use and deepen this knowledge. You will get to work in all the different departments relevant to your apprenticeship course and benefit from the intensive support and help provided by all those training you.

      Your qualifications and skills

      • To be able to take part in this apprenticeship, you must have an allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife or a Realschulabschluss with good grades in Maths, German and English. Ideally, you will have gone to a school that focuses on Economics. Moreover, you should have very good computer skills and be interested in the way different kinds of technology are connected to each other. You consider problems to be an interesting challenge and try to find solutions to overcome them. Two of your strengths are, of course, your ability to work as part of a team and your strong negotiating skills. What’s more, you work in a very careful and responsible manner.

      Your future prospects

      • Once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship course, there is a very good chance that the company will offer you a permanent position in the area of trade, purchasing or logistics. Depending on which field you wish to focus on, you will then work in wholesaling or foreign trade. Moreover, you will be able to make the most of our extensive further training programs.

    • Check out our apprenticeship vacancies

      Would you like to find out which TSR branches are still looking for apprentices? Then take a look at our vacancies page to check out the apprenticeship jobs that are available for becoming a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade.

      Go to TSR’s vacancies

  • Katarzyna Kurpas – management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade in the 2nd year of her apprenticeship at TSR

    • How did you find out about doing an apprenticeship to become a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade at TSR?

      I was reading through the job adverts on www.ausbildung.de and saw TSR’s ad for this particular apprenticeship course. I felt comfortable at the company from the start – even during the interviews. I was really pleased when they offered me the apprenticeship job. The fact that apprentices are able to work in so many different departments makes it possible for them to combine the theory they have learned with real hands-on experience – and, of course, it makes the work really varied and interesting.

      What have you learned during your apprenticeship so far?

      Besides learning the practical side of the business – such as getting to know the different products and recycling activities – I’ve been able to gather theoretical knowledge as well. For example, while I was working in the processing department at TSR, I learned how to enter incoming goods and freight into the system.

      What do you appreciate most about your apprenticeship at TSR?

      There are many things that I appreciate – especially the training courses that apprentices are able to take part in. I have, for example, already attended a Microsoft Word course and our regional manager has also taught us how to use PowerPoint for presentations. He makes the course really interesting and has given us many different tips on how to get PowerPoint presentations just right.

      So what is your overall verdict on doing an apprenticeship at TSR?

      I think TSR is good at teaching its apprentices. Much is expected of their apprentices but at the same time they are given a lot of time to learn essential skills for their future career. You can be really successful in this company if you are ambitious and prepared to work hard. I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship to others. As far as I’m concerned, it was the right decision to do this course at TSR.

  • Apply now – the quick and easy way

    You can apply for a job by using the link embedded in the job advert. Just one click and you are through to our online portal. We recommend, however, that you read about our application process beforehand to find out, for example, what documents you need to send. You’ll also find a list of the people you can contact if you have a question.

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