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One of TSR’s strengths:
Seeing scrap metal with different
Sometimes a fresh and professional set of eyes is needed to scrutinise the processes used by a business. Our metal experts know exactly what needs to be done to pre-sort ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as how to make your company’s operations even more cost effective.
  • Metal recycling advice from the professionals

    Our metal recycling consultants have two fundamental goals: to help companies further improve their operations as well as to recover more metals for reuse. Make the most of TSR’s know-how and experience to make your business even more cost effective and even more sustainable. For example by ensuring your ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sorted efficiently on your premises so that they can be marketed more effectively or – ideally – processed in-house so that they can be immediately reused. We offer a full range of industrial consulting services for industrial, commercial and retail businesses. As these services are completely separate from our other activities, you can benefit from our metal recycling advice without having to commission TSR to recycle or process your metal waste.

  • Our metal recycling consulting services are provided by highly qualified employees with extensive metal expertise

  • The advantages of our metal recycling consulting service

    • Lower costs

      The concepts we draw up to improve the handling of your material streams make your business processes more efficient – which, in turn, reduces costs.

    • Added value

      Pre-sorting and storing metals according to type on your premises brings you more money as cleanly separated material can be sold at a higher price.

    • Guaranteed discretion

      Your internal business remains where it belongs – in your business. Our metal recycling consulting services are always based on a comprehensive confidentiality agreement.

    • No financial risks

      You are not making any commitments whatsoever when you first meet our metal experts. If you use one of our services, you are not obliged to continue working with our company.

  • Arrange your free initial consultation now!

    Get in touch with us to set up an initial meeting – no strings attached: 0800 – 8772667

  • Simply looking is not enough.
    You need to know what to look for

    • No doubt your company has a lot of metal expertise. So are external metal recycling consultants really needed? The answer is most definitely yes! Why? Because our experts can bring some invaluable know-how to the table: their knowledge and experience of the whole of the metal industry.

    • Not just metal: we collaborate with the whole of the REMONDIS Group and can offer advice on all types of waste streams

    We manage all aspects of metal waste – from processing and recycling it, all the way through to selling it as a finished product to steelworks and smelting businesses. We know, therefore, exactly how metal waste must be sorted so that the very most can be made of the material. There is more to it here than simply separating metal according to type. How a metal can be reused depends, for example, on how much manganese it contains. The size of the scrap metal also plays an important role. It may be possible for small pieces of waste metal to be used elsewhere. Larger pieces, however, have to be cut up first. If businesses sort and store their metal waste according to size, then their recycling operations will also be far more cost effective.

    We handle everything – from storing the material on site, to transporting it to the recycling plants. If you wish, we can set up and run on-site sorting facilities

TSR’s metal recycling consulting service – how it works

  • A tour of your business

    Our team of metal experts visits your company to take a look at all your different business processes.

    Analysis of material streams

    All material streams are examined in detail – from the point they are produced at your business all the way through to the internal or external recycling processes used.

    Development of a concept

    Using the results of this analysis, we draw up a concept – together with you, if you wish – to reorganise and improve your business processes.


    Our experts remain at your side throughout to help you implement the new processes and set up the new structures.

    Quality control

    We document the whole of the optimisation process. What’s more, we also carry out any tasks needed to furnish proof of the work carried out.

The best metal waste is waste that can be recycled for reuse

  • Working with TSR’s industrial consultants also means avoiding or reducing the metal waste you actually produce in the first place. A factor that is becoming increasingly important with both politicians and the public calling for an Ecodesign Directive. We can help you rethink and develop your business processes – or even completely new design concepts – to increase the recyclability of your products. Ideally, by thinking about how the metals can be recovered when the product is actually being developed and designed. An ambitious goal without a doubt. But one that is certainly worth its while and very close to our hearts. As can be seen by the various research projects that we are currently working on – on our own or in collaboration with scientists and business partners.

  • When you work with TSR’s industrial consultants, you also benefit from the latest findings from our research and development projects

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