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TSR Recycling
Ideal logistics solutions for all types of metal scrap.
Well, okay. Not quite all
No matter whether it involves collecting or delivering metals – we always find the best logistics solution and are there whenever you need us. Assuming conventional transport routes are available, of course.

Metal scrap logistics – on land and on water.
And yet still pretty much as the crow flies

  • Our customers rely on our logistics systems being there for them whenever and wherever they need them. And so we make sure they are. We not only have a network of branches that stretch across the whole of Germany and Europe, we also have excellent transport systems in place – for the roads, waterways and railways. And, as we can offer every type of transport, we are always able to find the best logistics to suit the exact requirements of our customers. These include reliable, just-in-time deliveries – even if the route requires a combination of road, rail and/or sea. The fact that we can guarantee that supplies will arrive on time can be put down to our highly qualified experts who have years of experience of metal scrap logistics. They always find the best transport solution for each and every order they receive (no matter whether it involves delivering supplies or moving material for recycling) and, by doing so, help their customers to cut their transport costs.

  • We make sure our metal scrap logistics systems comply with all rules and regulations – and that our subcontractors’ systems do as well

To be able to offer its metal scrap logistics solutions, TSR operates its own fleet of trucks and works together with reliable forwarding agencies and businesses specialising in rail transport and shipping

  • Our branches and scrap yards – often built close to the water

    • Many of our 150 European branches have links to all three forms of transport, i.e. road, rail and waterways. We never have to travel far to get to our customers and this makes the route even shorter. We always make sure that the steelworks and smelting businesses are supplied by the branches closest to them whenever possible. Which means, of course, that our branches have also been set up to serve the needs of their local customers. By doing so, we ensure that we always have sufficient stocks of materials on hand – for example, standard scrap steel or specialty cooling scrap for steelworks.

  • A fleet of trucks with digital support

    • Thanks to the wide range of specialty vehicles we operate, we are able to offer the right logistics system no matter what scenario we may find at our customers’ when we deliver or collect materials. When used for deliveries, our trucks often supply smelters and foundries – just-in-time and in the exact quantity and quality they require. It goes without saying that such deliveries have to be planned in detail beforehand and coordinated and implemented with the greatest precision. Which is why we rely on the in-depth experience of our staff as well as on digital support. All our lorries have state-of-the-art equipment and are directly connected to our materials management system. All the routes taken by the trucks are organized and coordinated via GPS. Some of the lorries even have tablets which enable information about new jobs to be sent to the drivers digitally. What’s more, the tablets are used to take on-site photos of the material collected which can then be uploaded into the system immediately.

    • All of TSR’s vehicles are serviced in short and regular intervals

    Many of the deliveries transported by road are carried out by our own trucks. In addition to this, we work together with reliable forwarding companies

  • Professional truck drivers at TSR – a job with a great future

    There are a whole number of good reasons for being a truck driver at TSR. Find out more in our chapter on careers

  • The train’s coming – on behalf of TSR

    • When it comes to rail logistics, we collaborate closely with the Deutsche Bahn which uses specially designed wagons for transporting our metal scrap. Our steelwork customers, in particular, appreciate the fact that the deliveries they get by railway are always reliable and punctual no matter how much material they may have ordered – something that TSR has been doing successfully for many years now. One big advantage that we have is that many of our branches have direct links to both waterways and the rail network which allow a smooth transition from one mode of transport to the other. We even operate our own shunting engines at some of our facilities.

    • The volumes of material transported by rail are weighed using calibrated wagon weighbridges

    TSR has excellent rail logistics systems in place

  • We travel far and wide

    We have a great logistics system for exporting materials by ship to other European countries and overseas – a system that relies on the close links between our inland branches and our scrap yards in Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Bremen and Hamburg. The material is transported from our inland businesses by a variety of ships which are able to hold between 1,000 and 2,000 tonnes and can keep the different qualities of scrap metal separate from each other. Once the metals have reached our export harbours, we then have the option to load deep-sea vessels able to transport up to 45,000 tonnes. These then ship the freight to Turkey or all the way to south east Asia.

    • Measuring cargos with draught surveys

      Certified marine surveyors document the loading of the ships. They measure the draught to determine exactly how much material has been loaded onto the ship. Our invoices are then based on this independent survey.

  • Real playgrounds – 150 times across Europe

    • In-house logistics are a challenge in themselves looking at the weight and size of the material that needs to be moved and transported. Heavy-duty equipment is indispensable here. Which is why, for example, we have huge cranes able to move up to 12 tonnes in one go to load the ships. Sometimes we even drive tracked vehicles onto the deep-sea vessels to distribute the material on board. Anyone who enjoys sitting behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle will most certainly get their money’s worth at our company. We have them all – from wheel loaders, to diggers, to our very own railway engines. At the end of the day, time is money. And the only way to ensure that things run smoothly at our branches is to have suitable vehicles on hand that are able to load all the different types of material.

    • All of TSR’s vehicles are serviced in short and regular intervals

  • Which container would you like?

    Recycling starts with storing the materials on your premises using as easy a system as possible. We have developed a container management system to deliver just this. We coordinate the delivery and collection of the containers and ensure you are always supplied with the different types of containers you need. These include standard modules as well as containers made to meet customer specifications – for example leak-proof containers for storing turnings or particularly heavy-duty containers with reinforced walls. What’s more, we can also offer THE METAL BOX – our small container system developed especially for our commercial customers. Find out more at:


    • We can provide you with a whole range of different types and sizes of container – all made to meet DIN standards. If you wish, we can also produce special containers to meet your specific needs

    Information about our containers

    • Skips

        • External measurements (ca.)

          • Volumes: 5.5m³ / 7m³ / 10m³
          • Length: 3,000mm / 3,500mm / 3,750mm
          • Width: 1,950mm / 1,950mm / 1,950mm
          • Height: 1,250mm / 1,500mm / 1,800mm

          Additional information

          • without a lid: yes
          • with a lid: yes
          • skips for turnings with drainage tap: yes
          • can be moved by crane: yes, except 5.5m³

      Hook-lift containers

        • External measurements (ca.)

          • Volumes: 11m³ / 22m³ / 30m³ / 36m³
          • Length: 6,865mm / 6,865mm / 6,865mm / 6,865mm
          • Width: 2,550mm / 2,550mm / 2,550mm / 2,550mm
          • Height: 1,040mm / 1,790mm / 2,290mm / 2,640mm

          Additional information

          • hydraulic lid: yes
          • roll-up tarpaulin: yes
          • containers for turnings with discharge tap: yes


        • External measurements (ca.)

          • Volume: 0.61m³
          • Length: 1,200mm
          • Width: 1,000 mm
          • Height: 760mm

          Additional information

          • made of: plastic
  • Do you need a container?

    Then give us a ring. We’re here to help: 0800 – 8772667

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