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The only bell ringing should be
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You can get rid of your scrap metal all over the place – if you want a fair price for it, however, then you’d better come to us. We weigh the material on site and guarantee absolute transparency. Why not try it out for yourself?!
  • The easy way to manage scrap metal

    • A professional metal scrap system for small metal processing businesses? It goes without saying that TSR can offer this as well. We always do everything we can to offer you a full range of services and have even developed a special small container system for storing metal scrap before it is collected: THE METAL BOX. A perfect solution for all sectors that generate scrap metal – from plumbers and heating specialists all the way through to number plate suppliers.

    • It makes no difference what type or volume of metal scrap you generate at your business – we’ll always find the right solution

How you benefit from our scrap metal systems

    • Advice is given on how best to segregate the material at your business

    • Guaranteed transparency as all material is weighed and documented in detail

    • Fair payments – prices are updated daily

    • Your business is making a sustainable contribution towards conserving resources

  • Put us to the test!

    Give us a call and arrange for us to come out and visit you: 0800 – 8772667

  • The German Commercial Waste Ordinance – from obligation to opportunity

    • The amended German Commercial Waste Ordinance [GewAbfV], which came into force in August 2017, has made it obligatory for all commercial businesses to separate and store their waste on site in order to make recycling as efficient as possible. Why not kill two birds with one stone here by making sure your operations are legally compliant and benefiting financially at the same time. We’re more than happy to help.

    • Find out more about your rights and obligations at remondis-gewerbeabfallverordnung.de

  • Sustainability is everyone’s business

    It certainly pays to separate metal scrap according to type at the place it is actually generated. On the one hand, cleanly segregated ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be sold for a higher price. On the other, it is easier to close material life cycles which means more raw materials can be recovered for reuse. This not only benefits the environment but your business as well. At the end of the day, sustainability is a subject that is on everyone’s minds – a subject that small firms can use to position themselves on the market and show that they are acting in a socially responsible way.

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