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Is this art or a potential source of
It is, of course, up to you what you choose to do with your scrap metal. What’s clear, however, is that you don’t need to be an artist to earn money with your collection of old metal. Simply take it to TSR and turn it into a different kind of brass.
  • Sell us your old metal – transparency and fair prices guaranteed

    • Businesses offering to buy your scrap metal are shooting up all over the place. But which one should you choose? We recommend that you play it safe and sell your old copper, brass, aluminium etc to Europe’s leading recycling company. There is one big advantage of selling to us rather than to mobile scrap dealers or to the many online sites unable to prove their expertise: we have the in-depth knowledge needed to assess the value of your material. Which means you will always be paid what your metal is really worth.

      Find a TSR branch near you

    • The practical option for small volumes of material: selling old metal by post with THE METAL POST

    • Not just good for you

      When you sell your scrap metal to TSR, you are also promoting recycling and, consequently, helping to conserve our planet’s natural resources. Find out more in our chapter on:


  • Why it’s worth selling your scrap metal to TSR

    • Fair prices

      You sell your old metal to us for the current market price which is updated daily. There’s no fairer way.

    • Absolute transparency

      All the materials are weighed individually at our branches and documented to give you a perfect overview.

    • A quick process

      It takes just a few minutes to hand in the materials. You are paid in cash straight away.

    • Short routes

      There are TSR branches accepting metals in Germany as well as in many other places across Europe.

    • All volumes accepted

      From the smallest amounts of metal from people’s homes to household clearances – we take it all.

  • The quickest way to find us – our TSR branch finder

    Mit dem Absenden des Formulars wird eine Anfrage an Google geschickt, um den zu Ihnen nächstgelegenden TSR Recycling Standort zu bestimmen die eine Standortkarte anzuzeigen.

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What metals does TSR accept?

  • You can hand in practically all types of scrap metal to us. These may be made of iron or steel or non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and aluminium. We even take materials that are not pure metal – for example, wires and cables still in their plastic covers. We have put together a short guide to help you in case you’re not sure what type(s) of metal you have. If you have a question then simply get in touch with the TSR branch closest to you and speak to one of our experts. The best way to do this is to use our TSR branch finder.

  • There are a number of items which cannot be handed in to TSR. Click here to read our list of Materials not accepted

Our metal guide – What’s what?

    • Iron / steel scrap

      Iron / steel scrap, e.g.:
      pipes, sheeting, girders, baths, radiators, tools, bicycles

    • Copper scrap

      Copper scrap, e.g.:
      heating pipes, sheeting, gutters, household utensils such as old kettles, bowls, mugs

    • Brass scrap

      Brass scrap, e.g.:
      machine parts, fittings, valves, cups, plates, vases

    • Aluminium scrap

      Aluminium scrap, e.g.:
      profiles, photo frames, signs, fences, pipes, sheeting, pots

    • Stainless steel / chrome steel scrap

      Stainless steel / chrome steel scrap, e.g.:
      pots and pans, kitchen sinks, cutlery, banisters, door handles, sheeting

    • Old cables

      Old cables, e.g.:
      electrical wiring from renovation work and households in general, with and without plugs

    • Motors

      Motors, e.g.:
      washing machine motors, motors from electrical appliances, switchgears

    • Zinc scrap

      Zinc scrap, e.g.:
      gutters, facade sheeting, roofing

  • Selling your old metal to TSR – how it works

    It is not only well worth your while to sell your old metal to TSR, it is simple, quick and transparent. For the most part, the whole process lasts no more than a few minutes – from handing over the material, to having its value assessed, to receiving your cash payment. We not only have counters where people can hand in their scrap metal but also weighbridges for deliveries made by car or van. This ensures that everything runs smoothly no matter how much or how little metal scrap is brought to us.

    Turning your old metal into cash in five easy steps


    We recommend that you pre-sort your old metal before you go to our branch. That saves you time when you arrive and makes it easier for us to calculate the value of your material.


    You can hand in your material to a variety of TSR branches. Without an appointment. The first thing we do is to write down your details. NB: please bring your ID card / passport with you.

    Sorting and weighing

    A TSR employee checks your material and sorts it if necessary. The metals are then weighed.

    • The different types of metal are weighed separately. The weights and volumes are recorded.
    • A ‘mixed price’ is calculated for material consisting of small mixed parts that cannot be sorted.

    Calculation of the price

    The individual volumes of cleanly separated metal are multiplied by the current trading price (updated daily) and the mixed material by the mixed price calculated beforehand.


    Finally, we compile a full list of all the different types of metals that you have handed in. We pay you immediately in cash for the material on this list.

  • From the post office to TSR – that’s possible, too

    • There’s an even easier way to sell us your metals than getting in your car and driving to a TSR branch: simply send them to us using THE METAL POST. We have developed this special platform so that people can send us small quantities of material by post. It couldn’t be easier to use: first enter some details to find out how much your metal is worth and then send it in by post. We will then transfer the sum owed to you for your metal to your bank account.

      Try it out now at the-metal-post.eu

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