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Not only the quality of our material creates bright prospects for our customers – our know-how does, too. We make the very most of our expertise to support and advise our customers wherever it’s needed. For example, when it comes to sustainability.

The whole world of non-ferrous scrap

    • TSR is your one stop shop for non-ferrous scrap. Every year, we supply smelting businesses with over 500,000 tonnes of top quality non-ferrous metals. Our non-ferrous scrap includes copper, aluminium, zinc, lead and alloys as well as niche raw materials. We have gathered a great deal of know-how in this field – in particular when it comes to niche products – thanks to the size of our business, our large number of locations and the huge volumes of material we handle. Indeed, there is not only a demand for our non-ferrous scrap but for our expertise as well. Every customer has their own dedicated TSR adviser who has in-depth knowledge of both the market and the requirements and expectations of the smelting businesses they support.

    • Your TSR adviser is always happy to discuss the latest market developments with you

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  • The circular economy at its best

    • One of our goals is to help smelters make their business more sustainable by increasing the amount of recycled raw materials they use or even finding ways so they can swap over to recycled raw materials altogether. As such help can only be provided by people who really know what they are talking about, our work begins with us taking a tour around the smelting plant. This enables us to take a close look at the processes and technology being used. Having gathered this information, we can then process and offer materials that meet the exact requirements of each individual smelting business. The result is greater efficiency and higher quality products and, consequently, satisfied customers. A win-win situation for all involved.

    • We not only help our customers to grow sustainability, we document this as well. With our Sustainability Certificate

    The first step of any collaboration work with TSR begins with its experts determining exactly what their customers need

Supply and logistics

  • One big advantage of our closely knit – and in some cases digitised – network of 150 branches across Europe is that we can react flexibly to our customers’ needs. They have contracts with us, for example, that ensure they have guaranteed supplies of material over a three-month or even twelve-month period. Which certainly makes it much easier for them to plan ahead. They can look forward to receiving their supplies – safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered as arranged. No matter what logistics requirements may be waiting for us at our customers’ – we always have the means of transport needed. Whether it involves road, rail or waterways.

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    logistics at TSR

  • Material quality

    • A large percentage of the non-ferrous scrap recycled by us comes straight from the places where it was produced. Which means it is not handled by an intermediary before it reaches our facilities and, in some cases, it is collected and separated by us at the actual production plants. This, of course, puts us in an ideal position to evaluate and even to have a positive impact on the quality of the material. We also have successful quality assurance systems in place for the material delivered to us by external firms. All non-ferrous scrap is analysed in detail as soon as it reaches a TSR branch.

    How we guarantee the quality of our non-ferrous scrap

    • State-of-the-art technology

      Handheld XRF spectrometers, spectral analyses, x-ray sorting processes and laboratories with smelting furnaces – a wide range of techniques are used to check the incoming material.

    • Experienced staff

      None of this is possible without manual work and the right know-how. Which is why the people working in our sorting areas are all highly qualified and regularly attend further training courses.

  • At TSR, we see collaboration work as being a genuine partnership. For us, that means offering guaranteed high product quality, uncomplicated procedures and deliveries at fair market prices.


  • Why only benefit from our deliveries, when we have so much more to offer? We’re more than happy to use our experience and expertise of non-ferrous scrap to make life as easy as possible for smelting businesses. Starting with logistics, to storing materials for them, all the way through to processing special orders – for example compacting or baling non-ferrous scrap. To put it simply: we are there to deliver whatever service you need.

  • More than just non-ferrous scrap. Being part of the REMONDIS Group, we are able to manage all types of waste. Find out more at remondis-industrie-service.de

  • A comprehensive range of services. Just four examples of many

    Closing the loop

    We help you to recover materials for reuse on site at your business. Either by providing you with advice or by drawing up recycling concepts and then setting them up on your premises.

    Providing staff

    No matter whether it involves sorting materials at your plant or managing all your on-site recycling activities – if you wish, we can provide you with the qualified specialists you need.

    Storing material

    Is space an issue at your business? That’s not a problem. We can help out here by storing your material in a secure area at our facilities.

    Drawing up waste management solutions

    By making the most of the capabilities of the REMONDIS Group, we are able to take over all waste management tasks – for example, handling waste chemicals.

  • An overview of all our non-ferrous scrap

    You can find a list of all the non-ferrous metals offered by our company here. All the metals have two things in common: they have the highest purity levels possible and can be delivered in whatever quantity is needed. Moreover, our product portfolio includes other non-ferrous metals that have not been listed in the PDF download. Simply give us a call to learn more. We’re here to help. Contact us now

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