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Special deliveries at the drop of a hat? Not a problem for TSR. If you need a special order, we’ll make sure you get it – no matter whether it’s by road, rail or sea. Just in time and, of course, in the exact quantity you need.
  • Scrap steel delivered in all quantities and to all destinations

    • We supply steelworks and foundries with all the scrap steel they need. And the figures are truly impressive: every year, we deliver several million tonnes of scrap steel to businesses in Germany alone. It goes without saying that the ferrous quality of each individual delivery is put together to meet the exact requirements of our customers. From heavy-duty scrap metal all the way through to cooling scrap – all types of steel scrap can be found in our portfolio. What’s more, we keep a very careful eye on the quality of our products, carrying out analyses to ensure that only clean material leaves our production plants. Thanks to our reliable quality management systems, we are able to remove practically all contaminants from the material.

    • Our international company, TSR METALS GmbH & Co. KG, is responsible for all deliveries within Europe and overseas

    The volume of ferrous scrap handled by TSR each year

    • *as of 2022

    • TSR markets ferrous scrap metal in Germany as well as in many other European countries

  • One big advantage: our bespoke support

    There’s a very good reason why steelworks and foundries feel they get such sound advice and strong support from our company: our customised services. We provide our customers with key account support, with each one having their own TSR adviser. In some cases, customers have had the same person at their side for decades. Surely it’s not possible to find more dedicated scrap steel advice than that.

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    The benefits of our key account support

    • Easy to reach
      If you know who you have to reach, then you’ll get the answers you need more quickly. In many cases, questions can be answered with a single call.

      In-depth knowledge
      Your TSR adviser knows your steelworks or your foundry like the back of their hand and so is able to develop and offer solutions that meet your exact needs.

    • Competent advice
      Your dedicated adviser has comprehensive experience and expertise, which means you have direct access to our expert know-how.

    • Do you need some material urgently?

      Then ask us for a quote now. We’re there to help – and just a call away:
      0800 – 8772667

  • How we help steelworks

    • We have long-standing partnerships with steelworks in Germany, Europe and beyond and they all agree on one thing: if you are looking for a reliable service, then TSR is the company to turn to. Indeed, it is a well-known fact that we are always able to supply the material our customers need. There are two main reasons for this: on the one hand, we have access to huge quantities of scrap metal suitable for steelworks. On the other, practically all of our branches have direct links to rail networks and waterways. Perfect, therefore, for just-in-time deliveries of large quantities of scrap steel whenever they are needed.

      Find out more about our logistics

    There’s a further advantage to having so many locations with links to waterways: if a boat is too low in the water, then we can lighten its load at the various TSR locations along its route so that it can still reach its destination even when water levels are low

    How we help foundries

    • Whilst foundries may not necessarily need the same quantity of metal as steelworks, they certainly have very high expectations when it comes to the quality of the material. TSR has the ideal set-up to meet these expectations. Thanks to our professional recycling systems, we are able to transform the scrap steel delivered to our plants into top quality material for our customers. What’s more, we are also able to deliver the exact size and quantity of metal that they need. As we are aware of how each foundry is run, we can offer them additional services – for example, storing material for them at our own facilities and only delivering the metal to them when they are ready to use it.

    More advantages of working with us

    • In-house collaboration work
      As our different branches work so closely together, we are always able to deliver the material needed by our customers, no matter how large the order. With everything being organised by the same TSR adviser, of course.

    • Great flexibility
      We have adapted our business to reflect our market which is becoming ever more dynamic. This means, therefore, that our customers can also place special orders at short notice in addition to their regular deliveries.

    • Comprehensive services
      From storing materials for our customers, to just-in-time deliveries, all the way through to putting together customer-specific grades such as cooling scrap or hot briquetted iron (HBI) – you can always rely on us.

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