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TSR Recycling
More than 170 locations in Europe.
Strangely enough not in Greysteel
We have more than 170 locations across Europe. In major cities such as Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg as well as in rural areas. We don’t, however, have a branch in Greysteel. That would have been too much of a coincidence.

TSR’s ‘short route’ formula

  • Work done equals force times distance. There’s nothing we can do to change this law of physics. We can, however, make sure that at least one of the values in this equation remains as small as possible. By operating a network of branches that covers all regions, distances to our businesses are kept short – helping to reduce the workload. An advantage that is appreciated by all, especially our scrap metal suppliers. There’s no doubting the formula they like to work by: time is money.

  • Click here to find out which certificates have been issued to our individual branches

  • TSR Recycling’s business locations

    • How to keep track of TSR’s 140 European branches? Simply use the REMONDIS Group’s dedicated business location website. You can find all of TSR’s branches here – either illustrated on a map or as a list. Plus information on how to contact them.

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    Our TSR branch finder

    Simply enter your post code to find out which TSR branches are closest to you and when they are open.

    Mit dem Absenden des Formulars wird eine Anfrage an Google geschickt, um den zu Ihnen nächstgelegenden TSR Recycling Standort zu bestimmen die eine Standortkarte anzuzeigen.

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  • The REMONDIS Group’s business locations

    Hard as it might be to believe, there are still some people who think TSR’s world is not big enough. We recommend that anyone who feels this way should take a look at the REMONDIS universe. There is more than enough to discover here with the Group’s approx. 800 business locations in over 30 countries.


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