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No matter whether you are a large company or a small firm, TSR is there to help – and will find out exactly what your business needs. The result: highly efficient metal recycling solutions.
  • Have you produced some metal scrap?
    Then TSR’s recycling systems are just what you need

    It doesn’t matter which machine is being used to process metal, it is inevitable that turnings will be produced. And not just turnings. When you work with TSR, you have an expert at your side who is able to offer suitable recycling solutions for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. What is important to us it that we provide you with all the support you need. From drawing up a storage concept, to providing the containers, to transporting the material to our recycling plants – we are able to handle all aspects of metal recycling.

Why it’s worth recycling metals with TSR

    • Great cost-effectiveness

      We help you to separate and store metal fractions according to type on your premises – preparing them in the best way for recycling and so maximising the income you get from your scrap.

    • Certified environmental protection

      The TSR Sustainability Certificate documents in detail how your metal recycling activities cut carbon emissions and reduce consumption of natural resources.
      Find out more about TSR’s Sustainability Certificate

    • Guaranteed legal compliance

      By providing you with our expert advice, we ensure that you fulfil all rules and regulations to the letter.

    • Maximum transparency

      Each type of metal scrap collected by us is recorded and documented in a weighing slip. That way you have everything you need for the tax office.

  • Put us to the test!

    Give us a call and arrange for us to come out and visit you: 0800 – 8772667

How you benefit as an industrial customer

    • We provide our large and medium-sized industrial customers with key account support that covers the whole of the country and includes all their business locations. That means, of course, that everything is handled by the same TSR adviser. Our dedicated advisers coordinate all the different recycling solutions needed for their customers’ ferrous and non-ferrous fractions and make sure that their customers’ different locations get the support they need from their local TSR branches. And you? You can focus on your core business knowing that the whole subject of metal recycling is in safe hands.

    • Not a large company? That’s not a problem. We also have recycling concepts for commercial firms and tradespeople

TSR’s full range of metal scrap support

  • Advice

    We take a close look at the different processes used in your business and then use this information to draw up a sorting, storage and container concept.

    Provision of containers

    We provide you with the containers you need for your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and, if you wish, we can also deploy TSR employees to take over the task of filling them.


    We collect your metal waste – on a regular or an as-needs basis – and replace the full containers with empty ones.


    The metals are recycled at the TSR branch that is responsible for your business and are then supplied to industrial firms as recycled raw materials.


    All TSR activities are documented with precise details given about both the volumes and fractions of material handled. If requested, we can draw up a Sustainability Certificate for your environmental report.

  • Did you know that ...

    ... the best way to pre-sort metals is not only according to type but also according to condition? Punched sheet metal, for example, is recycled in different ways depending on how large it is. Businesses that take such factors into account when they sort their scrap metal on site not only grow efficiency, they also earn more money. Find out more about.

    TSR’s industrial consulting services

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