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TSR is well prepared for whatever recycling challenge may come its way – thanks to its more than 100 years of metal scrap experience and its innovative spirit. Bring on the future.

Tradition yes. Old hat no

    • Our business is metal scrap. In all shapes and sizes. In all grades. The whole package. Being a modern recycling company, we handle all tasks involving scrap metal and recycled raw materials. Besides purchasing, recycling and selling the material, we also deliver a full range of services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Even for products that most people have not yet thought about. Why? Because heading down innovative routes and thinking up new ideas for the future are two important aspects of our day-to-day work. And this is something we have been doing since 1890. A good number of years, therefore, to gather plenty of expertise.

    • Our metal recycling operations close the loop between the producers of scrap metal and those wishing to reuse it. Reliably. Digitalised. To the highest standard

    TSR’s operations in just 4.14 minutes

    TSR’s corporate film

  • TSR Recycling: facts and figures

The benefits of working with us

    • Reliable supplies

      We can always supply our customers with the materials they need – thanks to the size of our business and the efficiency of our logistics network (road, rail and sea).
      Learn more about our logistics

    • Material always accepted

      You’ll never hear us utter the words “not possible”. Our plants and facilities are able to recycle all kinds of scrap metal. Which is why we accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
      Learn more about our plants and facilities

    • Close to our customers

      We are never far from our customers thanks to our Europe-wide network of business locations. What’s more, each customer has their own dedicated TSR adviser.
      Learn more about TSR’s business locations

    • Trustworthy

      When you work with us, you know that all money owed to you will always be paid. In addition, we deliver transparency – both when it comes to prices and guaranteeing our scrap metal is not only sourced responsibly but is also from conflict-free regions.
      Learn more about how we purchase metals

An industry undergoing change. And we are right in the middle

    • The scrap metal market is constantly throwing up new challenges: on the one hand, today’s complex composite products are making it more and more difficult to separate the different metals from each other. On the other, steelworks expect a much higher quality material than they used to. And we are there right in the middle providing our metal services. Which is the perfect place to be. We collaborate, for example, with metal processors at the very beginning of the supply chain – enabling us to separate scrap metals at the place they are actually produced. This gives us direct access to the high quality material needed by steelworks and smelters. At the same time, we help our industrial customers to close material life cycles at their place of business and so prevent downcycling. Metal services at their best.

    • Recycling drinks cans: the circular economy in action – discover more in our VR film

Responsible. Not only in metal recycling

    • For us, compliance means more than just adhering to rules and laws. The TSR Corporate Values and our Compliance Principles form the guidelines for our daily actions. In all countries and business areas, we base our actions on these legal requirements and ethical and moral principles.
      People are at the center of business interactions. Our culture of values and our Code of Conduct are therefore shared and lived by all employees to ensure responsible action.


    • The brochure on our
      Code of Conduct

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