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    1. Apprenticeships + BA course  
    Apprenticeships with a BA in Economics If you are interested in studying at university as well as enjoying the advantages of a practical apprenticeship then we are the right company for you: we…

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    2. Home  
    A reliable partner for all things metal. Now and in the future Virgin raw materials are a scarce commodity. Supplies are dwindling all around the world. It is our mission to conserve these…

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    3. Apprenticeships and apprenticeships + BA course  
    Great prospects for young people How to write a successful application Doing an apprenticeship at TSR is an excellent way to prepare for your future career. You start from scratch and get to…

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    4. Business locations  
    TSR’s ‘short route’ formula Click here to find out which certificates have been issued to our individual branches Work done equals force times distance. There’s nothing we can do to change…

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    5. Plants and facilities  
    Our hammers just keep on rotating. With an amazing 6,000 HP Thor who? The rotating hammers in our shredders make even this Viking god look harmless – giving the metal scrap no…

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    6. About us  
    Tradition yes. Old hat no Our metal recycling operations close the loop between the producers of scrap metal and those wishing to reuse it. Reliably. Digitalised. To the highest standard Our…

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    7. Vacancies  
    Recycling is our profession, conserving resources our vocation Are you on the look-out for your first ever job or perhaps for a new professional challenge – in an industry that is becoming…

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    8. Working at TSR  
    This is not just scrap. This is the future When you work for our company, you are working for the future – and for your own future, as well. The metal recycling industry…

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    9. Sustainability  
    The world is crying out for growth. Our planet is crying out for help Resources are finite, the need for recycling most certainly isn’t. Which is why we invest in research and development You…

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    10. Logistics  
    Metal scrap logistics – on land and on water. And yet still pretty much as the crow flies We make sure our metal scrap logistics systems comply with all rules and regulations – and that our…

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