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TSR Recycling
We take anything made of metal. Provided it manages to reach us
We accept all types of scrap metal. We are even able to shred and recycle old cars. In accordance with the ELV Directive, of course.

Looking to sell your scrap metal? Then come to the experts

  • Buying scrap metal is an integral part of our daily business. It makes no difference whatsoever whether the scrap dealers have large or small quantities of metal. Everyone is welcome to come and sell their material to us. And they can be sure that we will always offer them fair conditions. In principle, we are able to accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, you can also make the most of TSR’s extensive expertise. Being a scrap metal supplier, you are given your own dedicated TSR adviser who has in-depth knowledge of the market and is more than happy to inform you about the latest market developments whenever you wish.

  • We also offer bespoke solutions for demolition firms, vehicle recyclers and container businesses Find out more here

  • Selling your scrap to TSR – how you benefit

    • Lower costs, less work
      Thanks to our nationwide network of branches, you never have to travel far to reach us. The actual process of selling scrap to us is both quick and simple. Saving you time and money.
      Find a TSR branch now

    • Guaranteed payments
      TSR is one of the largest recycling businesses in Germany and part of the international REMONDIS Group. Our sound financial base guarantees payments will always be made.
      Find out more about our company

    • Material always accepted
      Everyone who comes to us will be able to sell us their scrap metal. Always. We are able to accept and store very large volumes of materials and operate machinery that can process each and every type of scrap metal.
      Find out more about our plants and facilities

    • Fair market prices
      It is important to us that our business is based on trust. This also means being completely transparent when it comes to our scrap metal prices. We will always pay you what your scrap metal is really worth.

  • The quickest way to find us – our TSR branch finder

    Simply enter your postcode to find out which TSR branches are closest to you and when they are open.

    Mit dem Absenden des Formulars wird eine Anfrage an Google geschickt, um den zu Ihnen nächstgelegenden TSR Recycling Standort zu bestimmen die eine Standortkarte anzuzeigen.

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    • Find out what the prices are like at the moment!

      Our helpline for scrap metal suppliers: 0800 – 8772667

  • Who else can count on us to buy their scrap metal?

    • All businesses handling metal waste appreciate our in-depth knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and often turn to us for advice – especially when they are working on large-scale projects. Just one example here are demolition firms who know that TSR is not only able to take all their material but is also there to help them with its extensive industry know-how. And it makes no difference how long the work is due to last or how many building sites they are working on. Everything is coordinated by just one TSR adviser – no matter whether it is a local, regional or national project.

    • Both TSR and the REMONDIS Group always deliver legally compliant and environmentally sound recycling solutions

    • A full range of services for demolition firms
      If requested, we can handle all metal logistics – including providing containers and collecting the material.

    • Solutions for problematic non-ferrous scrap
      We have both the experience and the technology to recycle composite materials and metals contaminated with other substances.

    • A partner for container businesses
      We can help firms by assessing the value of their container loads of material as well as by purchasing the scrap metal for a fair price.

    • Purchasing end-of-life vehicles
      Dismantling firms, garages and recyclers can hand over their scrap cars to us in line with the End of Life Vehicles Directive – thus ensuring they always get a fair price for their metal.

  • How can we help?

    Have you got a question about selling scrap metal or would you like some advice? Then why not get in touch? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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