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Our hammers just keep on rotating.
With an amazing 6,000 HP
Thor who? The rotating hammers in our shredders make even this Viking god look harmless – giving the metal scrap no chance whatsoever.
  • Plants and facilities for all grades of metal

    • Everyone who has done business with our company knows that there is no type of metal that we are unable to recycle. And that we are constantly developing and introducing new recycling processes and improved technology. Just one example here are our new facilities that deploy state-of-the-art detection and sorting technology to recover aluminium – even from composite materials.

    And this is one of the biggest challenges that recycling companies have to face as they look to recover aluminium and other types of metal so they can be reused. The reason we are able to recover this aluminium can be put down to our wide variety of upstream facilities and processes. They enable us to make sure that the different types of mixed fractions (no matter whether they come from our own plants or from external producers) are sent to the facility that can make the most of the material. The whole system works together hand in hand – a bit like a perfectly tuned orchestra. From the powerful beat of the drum like our huge shredders, to the gentle sound of the harp as we recover pure pieces of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals – we master them all.

    Guaranteed top quality aluminium recycling: our plant in Bavaria (BAMETA) and our sorting centre in Amersfoort, Netherlands (pictured above) – one of the best performing facilities in Europe for recovering metal from shredded material

    Two good reasons why TSR can always supply the material you need

    • Its large number of recycling facilities spread across many different locations

    • Its extensive servicing and maintenance activities

  • More than 80 cutting and shredding facilities

    • A whole range of technologies are needed to process scrap metal so that it can be reused by steelworks and smelting businesses. Not a problem for TSR. We use every type of shredding and cutting system currently available on the market. And we offer metal scrap suppliers a practical service: our branches accept all types of metal scrap no matter what recycling technology they themselves use. TSR’s logistics department simply arranges for the material to be transported to another branch if it can’t be recycled on site.

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      business locations

  • Services for steelworks and smelters

    Do you need specific qualities and quantities of scrap steel or non-ferrous metal? Then give us a ring: 0800 – 8772667

  • No chance for the material: our powerful shredders

    Shredders are the experts so to speak for doing the rough work. Their job is to cut up the material so that the individual fractions can be picked out. TSR operates ten shredders in all – including large 6,000-horsepower shredders. The metals segregated by the shredders are separated again into mixed metal and aluminium. One of our new facilities is able to go a step further and remove metal and plastic from the shredder residue. Learn more about our new facility:


  • TSR Scissorhands

    Our company has set up a network of shears across the whole of the TSR Group. These powerful machines can create a hydraulic cutting force of 1,400 tonnes. What’s more, we also use mobile alligator shears enabling us to react flexibly – no matter what situation we may have to deal with.

    The shears that are used to cut up scrap work in a similar way to a guillotine. We can determine what size the material should be cut up into

  • Packing more into less

    We use our balers to process lightweight scrap and waste sheet metal as this material is unable to be used as it is by steelworks as it is not heavy enough. The name says it all – these machines compact the material into bales. The size of the bales can be adjusted to meet individual customer requirements. In other words: steelworks are supplied with scrap metal that is a perfect size for their furnace.

    Our balers are able to produce different-sized bales of scrap metal

  • A whole new ballgame

    We use crushers to break up very large pieces of scrap – in particular castings. A heavy steel ball is dropped from a great height crushing and breaking up the material.

    Our crushers are located in enclosed areas to guarantee the highest levels of safety

  • Soft on the outside, hard on the inside?
    A case for our cable recycling facilities!

    One of the advantages of wires and cables is that they normally contain pure copper. The disadvantage for recyclers is that they are covered by plastic. Logically, this cover must be removed so that the valuable metal can be recovered. This work is carried out by our cable recycling facilities which cut the plastic open making it easy to separate the copper.

    We operate a cable recycling facility in Düsseldorf that can also process problematic material, such as underground cables covered in tar

  • For those really hard cases

    If nothing else works, then our explosives experts are called in to help. They treat particularly hard pieces of steel in our blasting pit, using explosives to break them up into their individual parts. The whole pit has, of course, been fenced off as a high security area.

    Safety first – our blasting pit is subject to stringent safety regulations

  • Delivering what our customers need

    Click here to find out more about our ferrous and non-ferrous scrap products and services.

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