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TSR Recycling
High quality recycling product for industry.
Sustainable and resource-friendly
We support steelworks in times of change towards greater energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions - with our high-quality recycling product TSR40.

Game Changer for an industry in transition

  • The European Green Deal and the associated commitment of the economy to more climate protection are currently setting things in motion. As an extremely energy and raw material-intensive sector, the steel industry has to reinvent itself in several respects. In addition to burning less climate-damaging coal in blast furnaces, it is also a question of arming both conventional steelworks and electric steelworks against increasing supply insecurity and generally conserving primary resources. In order to tackle all of this at the same time, we need an innovation that can be implemented as quickly as possible. It needs a real game changer. And this is exactly what is now available in the form of a unique quality product that makes steel production and the production of downstream products more sustainable from now on: TSR40.

    • TSR40 is the result of state-of-the-art sorting and recycling processes. In-process and final material analyses guarantee the highest quality, an iron content of over 98% and no organic or chemical impurities

It will take years before green steel can be produced with green hydrogen. The industry needs solutions for greater climate neutrality that work immediately. Solutions like TSR40.

TSR40 – with the highest quality for less CO2

    • The idea behind TSR40 is as ingenious as it is simple and is based on the fact that the quickest and easiest way to reduce CO2 in steel production is to increase the use of recycled material. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the material is of the highest quality and purity. The TSR40 we produce fulfils precisely these criteria and has an iron content of over 98 percent. It is a unique quality product that opens up completely new possibilities for the steel industry. Thanks to the high and guaranteed purity of the material, the proportion of recycled material in steel production can be significantly increased. The result for the traditional steelworks is that less iron ore and fewer reducing agents in the form of injection coal and coke need to be used. In the electric steelworks, the use of TSR40 enables steel production in qualities that were previously unattainable there.

    • 1.4 tonnes of CO2 are saved per tonne of TSR40 used in the furnace

Idea and product made in Duisburg

    • The manufacture of TSR40 is based on an innovative production process developed by us to process metals from end-of-life products such as end-of-life vehicles and white goods, as well as metal-containing production waste, into a high-quality recycled product. All of this in a quality that has never been achieved before. The production process is being continuously developed as part of the REDERS research project, which has been running since 2019, with our project partners VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH and thyssenkrupp Steel. As part of this, a high-tech plant has been built at the TSR site in Duisburg, which will produce up to 300,000 tonnes of the high-purity recycled product per year from April 2023.

    • The REDERS project is funded by the state of NRW as part of the programme for rational energy use, renewable energies and energy saving

"The construction of the new plant and the innovative product not only have positive effects for environmental protection and resource conservation, but are also representative of sustainable raw material security in Germany and Europe."

Bernd Fleschenberg, Managing Director TSR

Ongoing further development and more locations

The REDERS project will run until August 2025, and we will use this period to work closely with our partners from the steel industry to find out what can be further optimised in terms of materials and processes in both conventional steelworks and electric steelworks. In parallel to fine-tuning the TSR40, we will be building further production facilities over the next few years. There are already concrete plans for a plant in Magdeburg. Other sites in Germany and Europe will follow. The aim is to be able to supply the entire steel industry with the quality raw material TSR40 in the future.

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